Facts Illustrate The Importance Of Notre Dame Cathedral To The French

On Monday, April 15, 2019, at around 7:17 pm, The capital of the lights and its country was shaken, as well as the world, was shaken by the tragic fire of Notre Dame Cathedral, which is an important part of the French and world heritage. The foundation stone was laid more than eight hundred and fifty years during the reign of Louis VII.

The most visited landmark in France

Notre Dame Cathedral is the historic landmark that attracts the largest number of tourists per year in France with a number of 30 thousand visitors a day and 13 million tourists a year. The cathedral, which lasted more than a hundred years, from 1167 to 1272 by Pope Alexander III, occupies an area of ​​4800 square meters, where more than two thousand celebrations are held annually between mass and events, as well as funerals, this cathedral lived with the French King Henry IV in 1572 and the inauguration of Napoleon I as emperor without mentioning the funerals of the presidents such as President Charles de Gaulle.

The cathedral contains some of the sacred Christian monuments

Many of the sacred monuments of Catholics are preserved in this cathedral, but the most important and the most sacred is the Holy Crown, the crown of Christ (according to the belief of the Church), a wreath composed of thin branches of bamboo combined with similar ligaments and a wire of gold to strengthen this sacred relic. The foundation and the pillar upon which the thorns are laid as stated in the Christian Gospels.

Forest of the Cathedral

It is not related to forests more than anything related to wood and trees. This name is due to the fact that the pillars and frame of the cathedral, which is one of the oldest in the French capital, of various timber trees and many of the pillars of the cathedral. About 1300 oak trees were used in the temple. Above the frame stands a lead roof weighing about 210 tons.

Point zero

In the courtyard of the cathedral, a bronze plaque with a rose compass, placed in 1924, is the zero point of the city, from which the distances between Paris and others are determined. Zero points are usually, as in the cathedral located in historical places in cities, for example, the White House in Washington.

Between the tides

Like the old and the old, the cathedral lived in times of prosperity and intensity and experienced the vicissitudes of the age that made the devastation of the times. It was almost a desolation if it were not for good luck and for the popularity of the writer Victor Hugo, whose novel Hunchback Notre Dame was popular. A cathedral shattered by a bombing in the city.

The fact that this fire has devastated an important part of French history has lost traces that the next generation will not be able to see directly, as we could not see what was burned or destroyed before us. Especially in light of the development on the ground, the cathedral will resurface from its ashes like a phoenix and return to its eternal appearance.

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